National and International Coverage

National – Brazil

Our headquarter is located in Sao Paulo in the center of the financial district on Avenida Brigadeiro Faria Lima 201,at the well- known Tomie Ohtake building. We have been catering for25 years to foreign clients and have consolidated our servicing on a national level. We operate on a daily basis throughout different states in the country and have cooperation agreements with partner firms in the main capitals.


Internationality is in the DNA of our firm. In addition to our Italian, Spanish, French and English Desks in Sao Paulo we have a European Rep. Office headquartered in Buenos Aires and Milan. We have multiple Best Friendship cooperation agreements with partner offices located in major world capitals. We are affiliated to UIA (Union Internationale des Avocats).

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International Desks
European Rep. Office

SLM has a representation office in Europe in Milan, Italy. Our presence in the European Office was a response to the constant inflow of work between the European and Latin American continents aiming at a more efficient servicing to Europeans with businesses in Latin America and vice versa. Our Milan, Italy choice was strategic due to the significant number of Brazilian/Italian operations which the firm has been involved with, but also because Milan is very well connected to the main European capitals. Since we are a typical Rep. Office, our SLM European headquarter develops an institutional mission keeping it close to historical clients and local actors and realizing propaedeutic meetings with the ones interested in new businesses. We have to stand out that our permanent presence there also enables a solid maintenance and an advantageous reciprocal connection with European professionals in a way that we are able to actively collaborate with local problems.


SLM has managed throughout the years to build up as one of the main law firms hired by the Italian clientele in order to support their businesses in Latin America and to work as a real Italian Rep. Office. As a typical Rep. Office in Milan, SLM exercises an institutional mission through the setting up of primary meetings with clients interested in new businesses in Brazil and Latin America. Our fixed presence within the Italian territory, adding the fact that our founding partner Eduardo Lorenzetti Marques is able to practice law locally and integrates the board of the traditional Italian full-service law firm Ughi e Nunziante, permits us to correctly assist foreign clients in Italy.

Buenos Aires

SLM has always had a strong bond with Argentina. One of our associates, Alfredo David Capra is Argentinean, attorney-at-law and a member of the Colegio de Abogados de Buenos Aires. Our office has been a member of the Brazilian/Argentinean Chamber of Commerce in Sao Paulo for over 15 years and represents a significant number of Argentinean entrepreneurs in Brazil. Besides, SLM has gradually been consolidating in Argentina in the same manner, with initial focus on Brazilian clients in Argentina and further with Europeans as well. We currently have an ongoing flow of work directly developed in Argentina stemmed from abroad. Our office in Buenos Aires fulfills a dual role. On the one hand, it is a typical Rep. Office with an institutional mission by keeping close to historical clients and local actors and also by realizing propaedeutic meetings with interested parties in new businesses in Brazil and/or in Europe. On the other hand, we act in a direct manner locally by means of Argentinean lawyers or whenever needed by means of local partners with whom we have kept Best Friendship agreements for years.

Latin America

SLM has acquired professional experience in most Latin American countries by representing Brazilian and European clients in their local businesses. Besides, some of our lawyers have been involved in the development of the Latin American Lawyers’ Forum of UIA, of which our founding partner Eduardo Lorenzetti Marques is the chairman. On the whole, we have performed in these countries by means of local correspondents, many of which share their Best Friendship agreements with us.

Best friendship

The bilateral Best Friendship agreements are reciprocal collaboration pacts, without exclusivity which are celebrated among the offices with whom we share ethical and professional identity as well as solid work experience throughout the years of our relationship. We currently have more than 20 Best Friendship agreements with coverage in 16 countries.

Other jurisdictions covered

SLM has agreements with over 110 jurisdictions, through a long and well-established experience within the UIA (Union Internationale des Avocats).

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