Practicing Areas

Corporate Law

Corporate constitution, structuring and reorganization of companies, acquisitions, mergers, incorporations and spin-offs, joint ventures and strategic alliances, besides aiding our clients in meeting participations, legal auditing (Due Diligence) and corporate disputes whether judicial or arbitration.

International Law

We provide assistance to foreign companies in their planning, structuring and implementation of their businesses in Brazil, besides juridical assistance in international trade operations within the fiscal, contractual and regulatory realms. Preparation of all documents for foreign investors regarding the constitution of partnerships in Brazil. Opening of subsidiary and branch offices of foreign partnerships, as well as assisting Brazilian investors who intend to expand their businesses abroad.

Competition Law

We offer legal advice regarding operations which require approval from the competent body CADE – Conselho Administrativo de Defesa Economica (Council for Economic Defense) deriving from situations involving economic concentration as well as the defense of interests in administrative investigative processes concerning hypothesis of violations towards public provisions over the economic order.

Exchange Operations (Central Bank)

Consulting on foreign investment registry upon the Central Bank of Brazil, profit remittance, repatriation of capital financial operations and the like (RDE-IED). Planning and study of alternatives for foreign investment viability, financial operations in the country with their respective registries upon the Central Bank (ROF) in addition to interfacing with financial institutions.

Real Estate Law

Assisting of real estate purchases and sales incorporations, real estate guarantees and audits, as well as the drawing up of contracts regarding such operations.

Contract Law

Drawing up of purchasing and sale contracts for companies, distribution and commercial representation, provisions, technology transfer, licencing trademarks and patents, international technical assistance, importation, exportation and other atypical instruments in national and international contexts.

Litigation and Arbitration

Management and enforcement of legal demands in state and federal disputes with special knowledge in the areas of civil liability, contractual and extra contractual, tax law, consumer law, banking and real estate law. We operate in many states in Brazil. We have sound expertise in regards to international litigation and work with credit recovery operations safeguarding the interests of foreign creditors, indemnities, family law and sequencings and legal actions initiated in Brazil by foreigners or overseas. Assistance on pre litigation stages, aiming at minimizing judicial and administrative actions. Dealings with the Public Office and several regulatory agencies aiming at formalizing administrative agreements. Representation of clients upon arbitration proceedings, homologation and enforcement of arbitral awards. Elaboration and revision of arbitration clauses and dispute resolution, as well as acting as arbitrators.

Tax Law

Counseling on federal, state and municipal taxes in order to provide solutions with financial and juridical focus .Elaboration of tax planning towards corporate restructuring, businesses for provision operations, acquisitions of goods, services and intangibles Pricing support on products and services, risk management, tax optimization opportunities, revision of findings and ancillary duties. Analysis of juridical audits, judicial and extra judicial expertise and rendering of legal opinions. Legal actions on judicial and administrative levels.

Judicial Reorganization and Bankruptcy

Planning of solutions for acquisition and sale of companies in financial difficulties. Credit recovery for companies in a process of reorganization or bankruptcy, actions against the main debtors and joint obligors and additional judicial measures aiming at credit preservation. Constitution of creditor partnerships and representation before creditor committees and assemblies. Advising on the renewal and renegotiation of loans and structuring on alternate measures of asset-backed financing of companies in crisis. Participation in processes of debt restructuring. Development of plans and strategies towards company recovery. Corporate reorganization for companies in financial crisis

Labor Law

Advisory support to the human resources departments of our clients’ companies, juridical prevention support and wide experience on judicial processes. Working alongside unions such as drawing up and celebrating agreements as well as collective labor conventions. Assessment of labor liabilities and audits.


Analysis of fiscal, corporate and labor issues linked to the hiring of foreign labor. Juridical support regarding work permit options, arrangements and alien residence for foreigners, petitioning and procedural monitoring. Tax consultancy to the expatriates.

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