The Studio

Who We Are

Headquartered in Sao Paulo, for more than 20 years SLM has assisted foreign clients in their businesses in Brazil, as well as Brazilian clients in their juridical undertakings overseas especially in Latin America and in Europe. We have performed within the areas of corporate law, in timely operations, as well as in the formation and/or acquisition of companies, elaboration of contracts and in disputes by providing juridical consulting in a constant manner which is essential for the running of companies. Besides the head office in Sao Paulo, SLM also has offices in Buenos Aires and in Milan, best friendship cooperation agreements with colleagues throughout the main jurisdictions in Latin America and in Europe. Our team is multicultural and polyglot which allows the operations in Sao Paulo by means of our English, Italian, French and Spanish Desks. Our long history and experience in international businesses has made our Office renowned nationally and internationally. We are members of the Brazilian Italian Chamber of Commerce, Swiss, British, Argentinean, Spanish, French which are located in Sao Paulo and Milan. Also, for several years we have been listed by the publication Advocacia 500 (Legal 500) in Brazil and by Top Legal in Italy. Our firm is affiliated to UIA (Union Internationale des Avocats).


After a solid work and study experience in Europe in the nineties, our founding partner Eduardo Lorenzetti Marques returned to Sao Paulo to attend his PhD at the University of Sao Paulo. At this time, he was invited by his professor and mentor Paulo Borba Casella to start up his first law firm in Sao Paulo in 1996, Casella, Cunha and Marques Advogados. After that, the partnership Campedelli, Marques and Zarif was set up and then finally Studio Lorenzetti Marques has opened with headoffice in São Paulo and and Milan and Buenos Aires offices .

Social Responsability

SLM, since its foundation, believes that advocacy is one of the pillars for building a more just society. Internally, we cherish a healthy professional environment and respect for the personal life and the choices of each one of its collaborators. We encourage the practice of pro bono advocacy, as a means of personal and professional development. We contribute positively to the environment and in this sense, in recent years, SLM already adopts the policy of replacing paper in its routine.

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